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Angels, love, and Naples. A book review of Erri De Luca’s “Montedidio” / “God’s Mountain”, and other mixed-media

Erri De Luca, Montedidio, Feltrinelli, 2001 Trans. Micheal Moore, God’s Mountain, Riverdhead Books, 2002 (May Erri De Luca, one of my favorite contemporary Italian writers, forgive the intrusion of my own personal mixed-media at the end of this entry. My ‘nomadic’ structure of reviewing has lead me, this time, to resurrect some of my own […]

On words

Words define our world. Arbitrarily. The sign is not the object. Why a tree is not called ‘glass’? What would happen if we start calling ‘diarrhea’ what we now define ‘love’? Would we suffer from an incontinence of the heart? Certainly we would live in the world of Wordplay, an episode from the (genial) The […]

‘Five miles from downtown’ | From here to eternity

‘Five miles from downtown’ | From here to eternity

Cooking (and drinking) with herbs… and other gardening adventures in the Midwest (Part I – Mint)