Monthly Archives: October 2012

Music for words and visual on Halloween

Naples, Italy [photo @RT] Inspired by “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” I made “The Seven Days of Halloween,” posting a song a day + 1 (on Halloween day) on my Facebook timeline.  I alternated a song (with vocals)  with jazz (jazz is my absolute favorite musical genre). There are endless Halloween-inspired tunes. I chose music […]

Book spine poetry vol. 1 – Animals & teeth: no f(t)ears for the creatures of the night.

I saw this and I had to do it! Hallow’een, coming in a few days, has provided the inspiration for the following ‘book spine poetry’.   Book spine poetry vol. 1 – Part I – All the animals of Babylon: Beyond fear (Un) lupo mannaro, tre cavalli, Lapponi e criceti:           (A) Warewolf, three horses, Lapps, […]

Film review: “Beasts of the Southern Wild”

When Winter’s Bones (Debra Granik, 2010) meets Buñuel. When myth and folktales meet grim reality. Welcome to The Bathtub: a swampland cut off from the rest of southern Louisiana by a long wall of levees that a group of free-spirited people, rowdy and uneducated but in solidarity one to another, dares to call home. It’s […]