Book spine poetry vol. 1 – Animals & teeth: no f(t)ears for the creatures of the night.

I saw this and I had to do it!

Hallow’een, coming in a few days, has provided the inspiration for the following ‘book spine poetry’.


Book spine poetry vol. 1 – Part I – All the animals of Babylon: Beyond fear


(Un) lupo mannaro, tre cavalli, Lapponi e criceti:           (A) Warewolf, three horses, Lapps, and hamsters:

Oltre Babilonia,                                                                        Beyond Babylon,

Io non ho paura                                                                        I’m not scared


The books are:

Carlo Lucarelli, Lupo mannaro (1994), Rome: Edizioni Theoria

Erri De Luca, Tre cavalli (1999), Milan: Feltrinelli

Nicoletta Vallorani, Lapponi e criceti (2010), Milano: Edizioni Ambienti

Igiaba Scego, Oltre Babilonia (2008), Rome: Donzelli Editore

Niccolò Ammaniti, Io non ho paura (2001), Turin: Einaudi


Book spine poetry vol. 1 – Part II – The vampire said: Still not scared?


Youth written on the body

White teeth in between the sheets:

The philosophy of horror


The books are:

J.M. Coetzee, Youth (2002), South Africa, London: Viking Penguin

Jeanette Winterson, Written on the Body (1993), New York: Knopf

Zadie Smith, White Teeth (2001), New York: Random House

Noël Carroll, The Philosophy of Horror, or the Paradoxes of the Heart (1990), New York & London: Routledge


I (proudly) own the books in the photos.

And I have written on Erri De Luca – here present with ‘three horses’ – in this post.


The soundtrack is, of course, by the Tuxedomoon…



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