It’s Oscar night tonight. So, re-posting my review of “Beasts of the Southern Wild”. If you liked the film, you may consider this menu for your Academy Awards party!



When Winter’s Bones (Debra Granik, 2010) meets Buñuel. When myth and folktales meet grim reality. Welcome to The Bathtub: a swampland cut off from the rest of southern Louisiana by a long wall of levees that a group of free-spirited people, rowdy and uneducated but in solidarity one to another, dares to call home. It’s the unwelcoming, wild, lyrical, and surreal world of Benh Zeitlin’s debut feature, Beasts of the Southern Wild(2012).

ImageThey live with the discards of the industrial, more affluent neighboring universe, in their makeshift dwellings and boats made of repurposed pick-up truck beds. They live among the animals that they eventually eat – a repetitive supper of grilled chicken, eaten with their hands, shared with their dogs. They drink and party but have strong ethical codes: don’t let anyone who’s in trouble down.

ImageThe voice-over narration of a six-year old girl, Hushpuppy, takes us through this…

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