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“The Great Gatsby” or “Twilight”? – An Irreverent ‘Game of Quotes’

Is F.S. Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby a literary masterpiece? No doubt that Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight is just a (not so well written) novel for (female) teenagers. But are literature and popular culture so different? Guess from which book I took each of the following quotes, The Great Gatsby or Twilight.  After you’ll have played this irreverent […]

Book spine poetry vol. IV – Body Awakening

The Awakening of Sense and Sensibility: Possession Under the Skin. Click on Creative from the Home page to see a list of my other Book spine poetry compositions.

IQ test and cutting a pie

Today I followed a thread on IQ tests on a friend’s Facebook timeline. I’ve never taken an IQ test – nor I’m interested in taking one. But out of curiosity, I searched for a practice test and was directed here. The second question was the following: “A pie can be cut into more than seven […]