“One must be a nomad, pass through ideas like one passes through countries and cities.”

(Francis Picabia)

Film professor, avid reader, foodie, jazz lover, gardener. Nomadic.

Living between two languages and two worlds. An Italian who resides in the US.

I will rant. I will review. Books. Films. Food. Sites. Life.

My choices of posts and themes will privilege multicultural and multilingual. Crossing borders. Transient. Anti-singular.

My style here will be closer to ‘creative non-fiction’ than to traditional criticism or reviews.

Sending spores into the ethereal blogosphere. For growth. To all wanderers.

Please, refer back to this blog if you cite my reviews/posts.



Vox Magazine: CoMo blogs” (blogs in Columbia, MO), April 2013.

Vox Talk cited one of my tweets during True/False 2014. The Missourian also posted my food tweet in which I showed a pic of my home-made sandwiches 🙂

This blog cited part of my review on De Luca’s Montedididio.



  1. Great site, I’ll be looking forward to your interdisciplinary investigation of film and culture.

  2. Thanks, Lokke. If only I had more time to play with this site instead of teaching …

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