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Oscars of a contrarian

I don’t really care about the prizes and even less about that long, boring televised marathon. However, before I’ll watch the last half hour and then read about the other awards online, here are some brief thoughts on the 87th Oscars. First, I so hope that one day we’ll stop glorifying war and killing, therefore, […]

One book a month: Nomadic reading suggestions for 2015

Transnational and nomadic reading suggestions, one book a month, in a tour around the globe. January – A new beginning. Winter. We go to Italy with Italo Calvino’s IF ON WINTER NIGHT A TRAVELER (1979). A novel of multiple beginnings, for a meta-fiction galore. Its Chapter One offers a stunning, memorable example of an opening […]

A year in movies – 2014

There’s an abundance of lists of “Best Movies of 2014” on the Internet, going from film sites such as Rotten Tomatoes to cultural/literary magazines like The New Yorker. So, this is not ‘my best of’ but simply a short-list of a few titles that I liked (not in order of preference). With the reason for […]

“The Great Gatsby” or “Twilight”? – An Irreverent ‘Game of Quotes’

Is F.S. Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby a literary masterpiece? No doubt that Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight is just a (not so well written) novel for (female) teenagers. But are literature and popular culture so different? Guess from which book I took each of the following quotes, The Great Gatsby or Twilight.  After you’ll have played this irreverent […]

Book spine poetry vol. IV – Body Awakening

The Awakening of Sense and Sensibility: Possession Under the Skin. Click on Creative from the Home page to see a list of my other Book spine poetry compositions.

IQ test and cutting a pie

Today I followed a thread on IQ tests on a friend’s Facebook timeline. I’ve never taken an IQ test – nor I’m interested in taking one. But out of curiosity, I searched for a practice test and was directed here. The second question was the following: “A pie can be cut into more than seven […]

Best (or worst) 10 …

It’s that time of the year when “The Best 10 something” syndrome attacks us. I surrender to the end-of-the-year-need-to-list-pathology and I’ll give you 10 lists of 10 [insert category]. Difficult to limit to 10 for books, films, and  music, so the 10 books, films, and albums I’ve listed are just the first that came to […]