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Oscars of a contrarian

I don’t really care about the prizes and even less about that long, boring televised marathon. However, before I’ll watch the last half hour and then read about the other awards online, here are some brief thoughts on the 87th Oscars. First, I so hope that one day we’ll stop glorifying war and killing, therefore, […]

A year in movies – 2014

There’s an abundance of lists of “Best Movies of 2014” on the Internet, going from film sites such as Rotten Tomatoes to cultural/literary magazines like The New Yorker. So, this is not ‘my best of’ but simply a short-list of a few titles that I liked (not in order of preference). With the reason for […]

Best (or worst) 10 …

It’s that time of the year when “The Best 10 something” syndrome attacks us. I surrender to the end-of-the-year-need-to-list-pathology and I’ll give you 10 lists of 10 [insert category]. Difficult to limit to 10 for books, films, and  music, so the 10 books, films, and albums I’ve listed are just the first that came to […]

DYING ON HALLOWEEN – With words, music, and moving images

Last year I posted a Halloween-inspired Book spine poetry and a playlist in which each tune was accompanied by a reading item (and in one case, a film). This year I’m doing the reverse: I’ll start from a literary source – a poem, a novel, or an essay – and will create a dialogue with […]

True/False Film Festival Day 4 – The Last Day

After 3 days, 11 films (+ one short), several parties, quite a few pints of beer, a wealth of spoken words with old and new friends, lots of music, and a personal ‘drama’ (my car was towed on Friday night), fatigue is spreading throughout my body – eyes and mind. I need to eat a […]

True/False Film Festival Day 3 – Coda: Films to watch as accompaniments…

… for an alternative point of view… The Gatekeepers, which I saw on Day 3, was nominated for an Academy Award as Best Documentary along with another Israeli documentary, 5 Broken Cameras, which tries to provide voice to the Palestinian side. (The Oscar, then, went to Searching for Sugar Man, which I deeply enjoyed  at last […]

True/False Film Festival Day 3 – An international lineup

My lineup for Day 3 was totally international/transnational: Russian Winter Go Away!, Israeli The Gatekeepers, American After Tiller, Italian Da Vinci (a short), and Danish The Act of Killing. Winter Go Away! – 3/5 Ten filmmakers from the Marina Razbezhkina’s School of Documentary Film and Documentary Theatre lived with a camera for two months in […]