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The Poetic Chance of Lost Objects

Lost objects … nomadic remains wandering in the world … I find ‘moving’ beauty in lost objects – emotional beauty in motion, an ever-changing charm, adrift and shattering … Wordsworthian sublimity … “These beauteous forms / Through a long absence, have not been to me / As is a landscape to a blind man’s eye” […]

Poetry & self-portraiture

Self-portraiture: shooting oneself. Canvas suicide. For a new playful identity. Nomadic ‘I.’ In the ‘eye’ of the camera. “The Photograph is the advent of myself as other: a cunning dissociation of consciousness from identity” (Roland Barthes, Camera Lucida) “Before I ever photographed, I was playing around in costumes and dressing up as characters in my […]

Angels, love, and Naples. A book review of Erri De Luca’s “Montedidio” / “God’s Mountain”, and other mixed-media

Erri De Luca, Montedidio, Feltrinelli, 2001 Trans. Micheal Moore, God’s Mountain, Riverdhead Books, 2002 (May Erri De Luca, one of my favorite contemporary Italian writers, forgive the intrusion of my own personal mixed-media at the end of this entry. My ‘nomadic’ structure of reviewing has lead me, this time, to resurrect some of my own […]