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Book spine poetry vol. IV – Body Awakening

The Awakening of Sense and Sensibility: Possession Under the Skin. Click on Creative from the Home page to see a list of my other Book spine poetry compositions. Advertisements

IQ test and cutting a pie

Today I followed a thread on IQ tests on a friend’s Facebook timeline. I’ve never taken an IQ test – nor I’m interested in taking one. But out of curiosity, I searched for a practice test and was directed here. The second question was the following: “A pie can be cut into more than seven […]

Book spine poetry vol. 3: “Lost in Snow”

Winter Storm Q hit mid-Missouri on Thursday. 24 hours later the landscape around my house resembled tundra more than an urbanscape. Snow is fun for kids and it offers very photogenic opportunities for photographers. It may enhance the ego of all those supermachos who feel good in shoveling driveway after driveway. For all others, what’s […]

Book spine poetry vol. 2: 2012 Presidential Election (poetry, uh?)

 “America I’ve given you all and now I’m nothing. / […] America when will we end the human war? / […] America when will you be angelic? / […] America why are your library full of tears? / […] America stop pushing I know what I’m doing […]” (from Allen Ginsberg, “America”, 1956) Do Americans […]

Book spine poetry vol. 1 – Animals & teeth: no f(t)ears for the creatures of the night.

I saw this and I had to do it! Hallow’een, coming in a few days, has provided the inspiration for the following ‘book spine poetry’.   Book spine poetry vol. 1 – Part I – All the animals of Babylon: Beyond fear (Un) lupo mannaro, tre cavalli, Lapponi e criceti:           (A) Warewolf, three horses, Lapps, […]

Transnationalism: a dictionary

This semester, I’m teaching a film course on contemporary Italian transnational cinema and I’ve started writing down terminology I find in the articles and books on the topic that I’ve been reading. This is my current ‘dictionary.’ With footnotes. Clandestine Cultural pluralization / cultural plurality I like that my migration dictionary does not start with […]

Poetry & self-portraiture

Self-portraiture: shooting oneself. Canvas suicide. For a new playful identity. Nomadic ‘I.’ In the ‘eye’ of the camera. “The Photograph is the advent of myself as other: a cunning dissociation of consciousness from identity” (Roland Barthes, Camera Lucida) “Before I ever photographed, I was playing around in costumes and dressing up as characters in my […]