It’s that time of the year when “The Best 10 something” syndrome attacks us. I surrender to the end-of-the-year-need-to-list-pathology and I’ll give you 10 lists of 10 [insert category]. Difficult to limit to 10 for books, films, and  music, so the 10 books, films, and albums I’ve listed are just the first that came to […]

Last year I posted a Halloween-inspired Book spine poetry and a playlist in which each tune was accompanied by a reading item (and in one case, a film). This year I’m doing the reverse: I’ll start from a literary source – a poem, a novel, or an essay – and will create a dialogue with […]

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I recently stumbled on a Quora question in which the writer was thinking about quitting his job and selling his possessions to travel the world. He gave a brief description of himself (single, in his 20s, a job but no career), and asked whether he should go for it. The…

After 3 days, 11 films (+ one short), several parties, quite a few pints of beer, a wealth of spoken words with old and new friends, lots of music, and a personal ‘drama’ (my car was towed on Friday night), fatigue is spreading throughout my body – eyes and mind. I need to eat a […]

… for an alternative point of view… The Gatekeepers, which I saw on Day 3, was nominated for an Academy Award as Best Documentary along with another Israeli documentary, 5 Broken Cameras, which tries to provide voice to the Palestinian side. (The Oscar, then, went to Searching for Sugar Man, which I deeply enjoyed  at last […]

My lineup for Day 3 was totally international/transnational: Russian Winter Go Away!, Israeli The Gatekeepers, American After Tiller, Italian Da Vinci (a short), and Danish The Act of Killing. Winter Go Away! – 3/5 Ten filmmakers from the Marina Razbezhkina’s School of Documentary Film and Documentary Theatre lived with a camera for two months in […]

So, what are the Secret Screenings at T/F, which I mentioned at the end of my post on Day 1? Each year, the festival features a number of untitled screenings coded with a color. These are films yet to have their scheduled world premieres or films trying to keep their number of public screenings at […]